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version 1.0


This applet allows you to display and find information in a more attractive way than a simple and long list. You can easily and quickly find data contained in  your text  file. The search updates as the query is typed as in any help file.
This applet was successfully tested on the different versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape.
When you have selected one item just click on the "mail to" button to send a mail to the associated person.
It is a highly configurable applet, you can choose : background color of the applet,text of the button  and of course your data base file name. If you want to use your own text file with an unlitmited number of entries please get the ordered version.

Download demo version       License

To get a FREE registered version of the applet just put the following link on the web pages where you want the applet to appear :

<a href="">Web Media Applets</a>

And then send an email to (delete underscores) to receive it.

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